E-Commerce apps that help boost sales, increase conversions and provide a happier customer experience.

Sticky Buy Button

Have your add to cart/buy button always visible when users are scrolling down your page on mobile, desktop and tablet! This helps boost your add to cart ratio, conversion rates and ultimately sales on your store.

Yo – Display Recent Sales In Real Time

Display recent sales in real time! Instantly replicate the feel of a busy retail store by showcasing recent sales on your site. This provides valuable social proof to increase customer confidence in your store.

Thank You Page Customizer

Customize your order confirmation (Thank You) page with simple drag and drop widgets to boost your customer experience once their order is completed. Includes call to action buttons, suggested products, thank you videos, Instagram galleries, and more!

What others are saying

    trying this app now, so far keeps not letting me use it
    Golden Nerd
    Great app. We love how it shows our customers what others are purchasing. Great stuff.
    Sashka Co
    Great app! I use it in my site www.zavatrends.com and it works wonders
    Zava Trends
    This is exactly what i needed to increase my sales. Thank you for this app. because it build customers trust AND its an ad on your store!!!
    Emerald Bay
    Incredible App, thank you for creating it! :)
    Good app I would definitely recommend!
    All Is Euphoria
    Its really easy to install especially for someone who doesn't know anything about coding or programming. and easily modified to suit my requirements. good support too! highly recommend!
    Jzoom 2
    it looks nice and loads fast , one of the best so far thank you for the great app
    These guys are awesome, they even helped me get it running on our external domain.
    Wide Blue Sound
    Really good support
    Appreciate the help!
    Easy to use, intuitive, love it!
    Amara Beauty
    I love this app. It is a great way to provide social proof to someone visiting my shop. My sales have been up in the last few weeks since I installed this.
    Plum Beadacious
    There should be more stars for apps like this. Not only is it social proof (which, it is and it is freakin awesome!) but it's the app that brightens your day anytime you visit your own store.
    Exercise Superhero
    really like the options there are for designing the popup..would have been great though if there was an option to sync all products automatically even in there were no orders for that product before. i recommend the app!
    We installed Yo about 72 hours ago and woah.
    A Better Quest
    Easy to set up and use.
    You can really change the look & feel to match your store design.
    Love this app! The support is amazing and easy to install. It adds credibility to my store with ease. Highly recommended!
    1st class usability and the best support ever! They helped me to add the Estonian language and to add more blur amount of the shadow of notification window.
    Likewoods No
    I forgot to turn off my subscription for Yo, so I was charged the monthly fee. But after checking the analytics, it seems Yo is doing quite well (it had the highest Ecommerce conversion vs other stuff). So I'm okay (for now) with the monthly fee, and I'm looking forward to seeing more great results from this app!
    Hobime Toy Shop
    Great app. easy to use and it works
    Shine Mirrors Aus

About us

Apps built by store owners, for store owners.

Being E-commerce store owners ourselves, we saw a lack of features in the currently existing apps offered on E-commerce platforms – some were overly priced, others lacked important features, and many had terrible user interfaces which were difficult to use.


In April of 2016 we decided to begin building apps for E-commerce platforms that solved these issues while putting a focus on apps that would help other store owners grow their online presence, boost conversion rates and ultimately make more sales.


Our mission is simple – build apps that we would personally use ourselves and share these solutions with other E-Commerce store owners to help them grow their businesses.

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