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Instantly replicate the feel of a busy retail store by displaying notifications of recent sales on your site! Give store visitors the motivation and social proof needed to click that buy button!

Yo beautifully displays recent orders on your site as little notifications and this accomplishes three powerful, conversion boosting benefits for your store:

1) Yo creates a busy and live atmosphere in your online store, much like the vibe you feel when you enter a busy retail store.

2) Yo gives your store instant credibility and social proof from recent buyers, giving new potential customers the confidence to shop with you.

3) The social proof and live atmosphere in your online store encourages more visitors to buy, resulting in increased conversion rates and revenue for you to continue growing your business and customer base!

– Beautifully designed and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile

– Super light-weight so it doesn’t slow down your site

– One click install and works immediately – zero coding required

– Have complete control over the design and color options to match your store

Example scenario of Yo settings on a website

• Display an order every: 30 seconds
• Loop and display orders within the last 2 weeks.
• Only display the time stamp on orders within: The last 1 hour

With these settings, a potential customer visits your website and every 30 seconds they’ll see a display showing orders that were purchased within the last two weeks (without the time stamp). Only orders made within the last 1 hour will show the time stamp that it was purchased – for example 35 minutes ago, or 45 minutes ago, or 1 hour ago, etc.

1. What if I don’t have many sales each day?Yo can still display sales you made previously (even if they’re from several weeks ago), keeping your store looking busy! You have the option of how recent the sales notifications should include a timestamp of when an order was purchased – for example to only show the timestamp on orders made within the last 60 minutes.

2. What if I have a brand new store with no sales yet? We have an option in the dashboard for you to create a custom notification where you can enter in a product name, product URL, upload a product image, etc so that your store still looks busy with sales.

3. How can I measure if Yo is increasing sales for my store? Yo offers social proof for your store, much like the social proof that reviews provide on a site and because of the nature of this social proof, there’s no direct way to track if a sale is attributed to the app. Some visitors may see the notifications and it provides them with enough motivation and confidence to purchase, even though they never clicked on the Yo notification. One way which you can check the effectiveness of the app is to compare your stores conversion rate for a certain period before and after installing Yo – we recommend 30 days at a minimum to have enough data to compare.

What others are saying

    Amazing app. Love it. Nice and clean, and works like a charm!
    Chibebe Au
    Excellent tool. Works flawlessly and super fast. Love all the options that are available to tweak it.
    Golf Pupils
    Very good app. Recommend so much.
    Love the app! Works great! Definitely great for social proof!
    La2la Designs
    This app is really awesome and definitely a necessity.
    Worldwide Supply Shop
    Easy to set up and use.
    You can really change the look & feel to match your store design.
    very useful app , must have app
    Pure Korean Skin Care Shop
    nice apps. working good. thanks.
    Rani Online
    Good as advertised
    the price is reasonable
    Loot Style
    So far so good! easy to use! I'm excited to see how this'll work with creating more sales
    Good Good Pins
    So simple to set up, works perfectly, does exactly what it says it will do with no interference to the buyer experience. Would definitely recommend!
    solid app great to use. very easy to config and operate
    Superb App! Thanks! Works Super Well!
    It is a wonderful app to use. Very easy to setup and track with the data. Highly recommended.
    Wood Case Australia
    Very easy to set-up and has added a layer of social proof to my new customers.
    Good application it helps giving a good idea about the prooducts and gain the trust you need to have from the clients
    Great app! Love it , it increase conversion really good
    Janasari Store
    Don't waste your time with other recent pop-up apps. This is one is simply the best, and with absolutely amazing customer support. I reached out to every similar app asking for a specific feature which was to automatically disable notifications of orders placed by customers with a certain tag. They were able to get it done for me and no other app was. It works perfectly and includes analytics which most other apps do not.
    Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store
    Yourturnkeystore 243
    love this app ! Use it for all my stores better than some of the others although you have to pay, I don't mind paying for it..

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